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I Am Who I Am Corporation's mission is to encourage, equip, and educate all teen girls and women with the skills to understand and affirm their true authenticity through innovative programs.   
I Am Who I Am Corporation (IAWIA) is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. IAWIA is a youth development organization, which creates powerful relationships at critical stages in teen girl’s (11-19) and young women’s (20-25) lives. We provide hands-on opportunities outside of the classroom that will build core competencies such as self-management, self-efficacy, relationship skills, conflict resolution skills, responsible decision-making and teamwork; equipping girls and women with skills that allow them to develop the confidence and ability to have effective communication, by acknowledging their true authentic selves.

IAWIA is led by our founder and executive board members, and our goal is to allow them to see how valuable they truly are. Teen girls & young women have variations of who they have become. Unfortunately, they bring forth someone they want others to believe they are and not their true self. They may act one way with their friends, and another way when they are around family, and yet another way with someone they like. Therefore, we provide the guidance and skills to help them to true authenticity. IAWIA encourage, equip, and educate teen girls to direct on social barriers, economic environment, and bullying to help build confident leaders. Our main objective it to help them see a better version of themselves. We help by bringing awareness and education with what is going on today.  

We help them with:

Helping them find alternatives to the justice system
Body issues
Building confidence
Leadership skills
Sensitivity treatment
Business/financial literacy 
Engagement with strained family members.
Self-worth, Self-esteem, and self-perception
Holding themselves accountable without being charged with a crime 
Developmental approaches to juvenile justice reform/Reentry/alternatives to detention

Stephanie Bryan – A Project Coordinator, Youth Developer, Trainer with CMT Services, Inc (CMT), helping to provide mentoring and tutoring service for youth within the Prince George's County, MD Truancy Reduction Court and Juvenile Drug Court. She is an empowerment speaker, life coach, & trainer. Stephanie’s passion & sense of humor has inspired youth & has earned her the reputation of being an honest, bold, and humorous speaker and trainer. She has established herself as an expert on bullying, self-development, entrepreneurship, & authenticity in the lives of individuals. 

Prior to CMT, Stephanie served as Chief Administrative Officer and Corporate Trainer with IMG Group, a management and training organization. She has had many years of experience providing outstanding training to corporations across the Country and China. Stephanie has been in training and development since 1995, and is known for her passion and sense of humor & has earned her the reputation of being an honest, bold, and humorous speaker and trainer. Stephanie has a variety of training techniques and topics, with extensive work in creating programs for organizations, and delivered workshops in Leadership, Building Confidence, Mentoring, Team Building, Career consulting, and workplace bullying to name a few.  

Prior to corporate training, Stephanie worked in the Property Management field for training staff development. Stephanie maintains a University level teaching credential with Colorado Technical University as a Business Adjunct Professor for over 10 years. Stephanie started her speaking, teaching, and activism in 1995, and since then, has spoken to thousands across the country. She is a 2016 Commission of Woman of Charles County Nominee, 2017 Woman of Distinction Honoree, 2017 Successful Journey of African American Entrepreneurship, 2017 D.I.V.A. Movement “Outstanding Service” award for youth, and 2018 Champion Employee Partner Award (Prince George's County Youth Career Connect).

Stephanie is a native of Bowie, Maryland and has active membership of professional Human Resource and Training Association, which include ASTD. She is a Board liaison with Mentoring through Athletics, previous Board member with Tri-County Youth Services Bureau (TCYSB) and received certification with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). In addition, she is a Human Trafficking advocate, master trainer, conflict resolution consultant, team builder, effective communicator consultant, negotiator, and bullying expert. Stephanie obtained her Degree in Fashion Merchandising from Bauder Fashion College in Atlanta. She has a B.A. & MBA Degree in leadership from Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, CO, & currently pursuing her Doctor of Business Administration Degree from Walden University. 

Ms. Alita Jordan is the Project Director with IAWIA. She works as a Management Analyst for the US Department of Agriculture for over 28 years. She is also a registered troop leader for troops 6186 and 3527 for over 11 years. This is where she has worked with teen girls mentoring on life and survival skills. She is also a Chairwoman for the Waldorf Panel for the Girl Scout of the National Capital for the last 6 years.


Ms. Dominique Knott is a University of Maryland Sociology major student and wants to be a Civil Rights Attorney.  Ms. Knott  has worked with youth for the past few years and the insight she gives as a Board member is priceless. She is a civil rights advocate for teen girls. She is a graduate of LaPlata High School, in LaPlata, MD.  

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Ms. Robin Jones is the treasurer with IAWIA and has been employed with Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority for 15 years. She has a passion working with children for many years. She have four beautiful children of my own. So I know all about being a parent first. She have worked and volunteered in several other youth organizations throughout Prince George’s county and the District of Columbia. She currently resides in Washington DC.
Since 1999, Stephanie has helped teen girls see a better version of themselves, who have had experienced social and emotional challenges, which create barriers to their success. She is one of the most funniest, innovative, and creative life changer in the World. 
Ashley Montgomery is the owner and Executive Director with Mentoring Through Athletics, Inc. Mentoring Through Athletics, Inc (MTA) is a non-profit organization which is committed to the character development of young people. MTA specializes in developing young people through four core areas; Discipline, Accountability, Responsibility and Endurance, otherwise known as D.A.R.E. Training. Each of these areas are critical to the progress of young people on and off the athletic field of play. 

MTA provide a training ground for their youth; as they participate in camps, leagues and various workshops they will embark on the D.A.R.E. Training experience. D.A.R.E. Training is not limited to the athletic field. D.A.R.E. can take place in a number of settings as their mentors interact with the mentees in the classrooms as well as their home environments.

MTA's goal is to develop the whole person so that they can experience success in all areas of their lives.  MTA embraces the opportunity to touch as many young people as possible and equip them with tools that will foster success in each facet of their lives. 

Joseph Soddard is the Managing Agent with IMG Group Inc. IMG offers the highest quality consulting services, meeting the needs of clients through professionalism, trust, and authentic relationships that will carry your business to the next level. Through strong partnerships with Cameroon, Ethiopia, China and many others, they offer top quality products and manufacturing opportunities for the US and International markets. 

Their goal is to impact the world through strong partnerships while reinventing businesses with the skills to multiply trade opportunities, creating shared wealth and prosperity. The IMG Team has over 30 years combined experience. Their consultants carry a broad wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise. The IMG Team is more than capable, and is ready and willing to meet your needs.
Ms. Maria Southerland is the Executive Secretary with IAWIA. Maria Southerland was born and raised in Washington, DC. Worked at Verizon for 15 Years before retiring to open Sunshine and Smiles Early Learning Center with my Daughter Brittany. She was very active in her daughters and other children’s lives through Girl Scouts and Dance. My passion for children/teens comes from my own childhood struggles. I want every girl to be able to be their true self and know that their dreams are attainable.
Mrs. Deborah Swinson  is a Board member with IAWIA. Deborah Swinson is the founder and the Executive Director of "Girl Talk Empowerment 4 teens". It's mission is to provide girls of color with a structure that supports their personal and professional growth through the introduction of 1) life skills; 2) self-esteem, 3) mentoring, and 4) inspirations.  
Ms. Bailey Bryan is a certified make up and beauty consultant for IAWIA.  Bailey was born in Montgomery County but raised in Southern Maryland.  She is a Make up artist and a graduate from the Aveda Institute in Washington DC pursing her certification in cosmetology.  After her certification, she would own her own Make up studio. She is a graduate from Thomas Stone High School.

Mrs. Saprina Montgomery is the Director of Training Development for IAWIA. She has worked with children/youth for over 16 years, in addition to being a mother to 3 loving children of her own. Saprina's passion for youth at-risk youth, is driven by meeting their needs from their perspective. Her work is to assist them in developing character that builds on confidence, esteem and healthy decision making. Saprina's ability to connect deeply with the youth involves life experiences, youth advocacy and being genuine. An expert at changing youth's behavior by allowing and accepting who they are. She is a certified trainer. 
I Am Who I Am Corporation's vision is to transform teen girls and women, while valuing their freedom through fun.
2017 D.I.V.A. Movement 
Work in mentorship
2017 Women of Distinction Magazine
2017 Successful Journey of African American Entrepreneurship
2016 Commission for Women 
Ms. Brenee Montgomery is the Brand Ambassador with IAWIA. She is currently a human services major at Prince George's Community College. She is an aspiring social worker for at risk youth.  Her goal is to guide youth to see a different outlook on life. In the meantime, she is a register in home worker working with elderly individuals. 
 As a Brand Ambassador she would like to advance Social media presence.  
F.I.T. = Fun, Integrity, and Transparency
Ms. Alise hicks is a board member with IAWIA. She is 24 years of age and is currently an executive assistant with Department or Health and Human Services. Alise is also a student attending University of Maryland University College within the Business program. She enjoys cooking and baking on my spare time. She also enjoy mentoring young kids within the community. 
2018 Mother of the Year