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What are the Top 5 reasons organizations & schools just like yours choose Stephanie as their speaker?
 Stephanie is...

1. A trained Educator with 15+ years of Experience
2. A Trusted Leading Authority on Student Achievement and Motivation
3. Speaker & Trainer: You will laugh, cheer and even cry as Stephanie motivates, inspires, and challenges them to achieve more!
4. She is Authentic in who she is and what she believes.  
5. She is a fearless warrior for teen girls

She is a Coach, Speaker & Educator

"Motivating a young girls to recapture who they truly are"

Here are some comments: 

"Stephanie helps build productive and a positive environments through communication. She focused on creating effective and strategic communication. She helped our clients make lasting improvements and helped them realize their most important goals: finding their voice and thus helping to find their purpose" Christina Hunter

" STEPHANIE IS A LIFESAVER. I wanted to literally kill my daughter for the disrespect. She has helped me NOT to take it personal and live my life. Yes my daughter has her moments, but all teenagers do, however we have a better relationship now through the tools she gave me- Thank you so very much. I would recommend any parent going through with their child to at least try the 30 day session" Tracy Stairwell.

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April 30, 2017