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The Lost and Forgotten: The Journey to Understanding and Loving Me
My crazy life has its difficulties, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. Well, maybe some of the unnecessary things I could have avoided. I wanted to share my story with those who had a crazy childhood, too, and even crazy adulthood. No matter what happens, life only ends when you are dead. I had a praying grandmother. Nana said I differed from all her other grandkids. She said I was special, but hardheaded and mean. She said I was like her: strong-willed. She said, “Get all that playing out now because when you get older, you will make a difference.” I wrote this book because God told me I have a story to tell and people need to hear it. For years, I was ashamed of my life and the things I experienced. Shame rode me night and day, but God has a way of using our past to help others. It took me over ten years to write this book because I didn’t want to relive my life. There were painful memories I didn’t want to touch. However, through God, therapy, and healing, I know now is the time. I have peace. Every voice has a story. What’s yours? I hope this book blesses you and you will bless others by gifting it to them. I have no regrets nor am I ashamed of what I went through. Although I carried the shame and guilt from rape, and other forms of sexual abuse, those experiences don’t define me. As you journey through The Lost and Forgotten: The Journey through Loving and Understanding Me, know that God created me for a purpose and my life is not over. It is just beginning. So, get your coffee, drink, or a cigarette if you smoke, sit back, and get ready to laugh, cry, and marvel at how God worked through my life. Again, my life is not over. It’s just beginning.