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"Not everything that is faced can be changed.  But nothing can be changed until it is faced" 
James Baldwin
Program Synopsis

The Warrior Princess Program (WPP) consist of 2 core elements: Young Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development. However we address human service needs through an interdisciplinary knowledge base, focusing on prevention as well as remediation of problems and maintaining a commitment to improving the overall quality of life for our young teen girls.

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IAWIA prides ourselves in being at the forefront of social change with our innovative and individualized approach towards serving the young teen girls and women in the community. Offering an array of services that aim to meet the needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable youth, IAWIA functions to achieve productive and emotionally fulfilling development among young women. 

Our Warrior Princess Programs (WPP) are positioned to help improve the quality of life for young teen girls throughout the state of Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia through arts, human services, health, employment, and education. The WPP is designed to strengthen youth development and cultivate social change. We address human services needs, provide strategies for communication, and help them understand their true authenticity. We also discuss the growing epidemic of Human Trafficking through in our Leadership Development program. The WPP is designed for recalcitrant, disadvantaged, and vulnerable youth. Our main goal is developing our girls strengths and work on their destructive behaviors. The WPP uses a community based model for youth development and emphasizes leadership. The WPP is also based upon the knowledge gained through Real Life experiences and personal achievements in working with youth Evidence Based Mentoring.

WPP Young Entrepreneurship Program - $60 - all monies goes towards the program.

The Young Entrepreneurship is a six (6) week long class that transforms middle and high school students into real, confident entrepreneurs on how to start a business. 

Throughout the class, students develop business ideas, write business plans, conduct market research, and pitch their plans to a local business. Complete with dynamic guest speakers from the local business community. Some of the topics covered: Principles of Entrepreneurship, calculating risks, start- up cash flow, market research, business model development, effective communication, business plan outline, elevator pitch, and business plan completion. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Prizes and certificates are provided at the completion of class. 

Learning Objectives: 

                Learn how to take their passion into profit

                The teen girl teams will learn how to write a business plan

                Best practices and strategies for starting a business.  

                Real World Business Training 

Leadership Development Program - $20 fee per session (1 hour sessions; anything over an hour an additional $20)- all monies goes towards the programs. This program also deals with behavioral concerns you maybe experiencing with your child. 

The Leadership Development Program consist of different elements within one program.  The program is geared to life skills and leadership training.  

We firmly believe the first step in success is knowing your own value and understanding authenticity. We work with teen girls & young women to create awareness and potential within by focusing on abilities in this program.This unique Leadership Development program engages your mind, body, and emotions in a way that makes it possible for you to experience yourself through others' eyes.This Leadership Development program is highly focused on you, the participant, such that you become the main star in the movie of your own life and teaching you tools to use to understand your leadership. We help them see a map to the activities they maybe engaged in and where they may end up if they continue. This is to say that it is easier to learn through this Leadership Development program how to become the best you rather than how to emulate someone else. After all, it's only when you are being yourself that others find you authentic. (Career coaching, Career Development, Speaker training, Life coaching, etc.)

Classes under Leadership Development, but not limited to:

        Presentation Skills

        Creative thinking

        Hygiene Issues  

        Confidence Building

        Listening Skills

        Effective Communication

        Dealing with different/difficult personality styles

        Career Development & Coaching

        College Prep

        Dealing & Responding to Authority (school/home)

        Promote Social and Emotional Development

        Deal with Challenging Behavior 

" STEPHANIE IS A LIFESAVER. I wanted to literally kill my daughter for the disrespect. She has helped me NOT to take it personal and live my life. Yes my daughter has her moments, but all teenagers do, however we have a better relationship now through the tools she gave me and my child. Thank you so very much. I would recommend any parent going through with their child to at least try the program"

Tracy Stairwell
Warrior Princess Programs
Warrior Princess Programs