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I Am Who I Am Workshops and Seminars
Our workshops and seminars can range in price, depending on the event. The workshops range from 2 - 8 hours. It can be a few hours or a whole weekend. Our self-help workshops have included chat and chew (debate), knowing who you are journal events, learning how to forgive, and creating the person who you were called to be. 

Unleash your creativity. Participants in the WPP Media Education Workshop will be led through a series of intellectual, cognitive, and physical exercises that seek to strengthen mind-body connections to both the technical processes, as well as the creative processes, underlying the recurring problem with teen girls in school. This worskop is a four (4) week intensive course ideal for teen girls (16-19). The teen girls will gain experience in parts of film-making and learning how to tell your story. $99

Examples of workshops: How to deal with bullying, Conflict resolution, Knowing who you are in Christ, Effective Communication, Team Building, Attachments, Breaking intimidation, Change anything, Building Confidence, Speak Less: Listen More, Adaptability, Unstoppable confidence, Courage, Social Me, Toxic friends, & Forgiveness.

Example Session: One on One Communication workshop - Social media has benefits, however yet it has hindered our girls & young women's basic communication and interpersonal skills. Our workshop will provide skills to the girls to present themselves professionally and with confidence and grace. 

"Ms. Stephanie is Amazing - she made me cry when I realized the things that were hurting me.  I just love her" Tiffany Long
Every Voice Has a Story...What's Yours?
How well you communicate with your teen daughter can make or break your relationship. It directly influences how she views you as a mom. Unfortunately, being tactful or blunt does not always work best for you or your child. This workshop will teach you how to choose and use the most appropriate words and emotional tone for every interaction. Learn how not to take what they say personal and gain insights on your own communication style and the styles of your daughter. Participants in this workshop will be led through a series of intellectual, cognitive, and physical exercises, that seek to strengthen interpersonal communication connections to the creative process; underlying the effects of poor communication. Sign up for this 1-day workshop. Limited space.​
Thank you all for participating in our Mother Daughter Workshop - Stay Tuned more to come