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Thank you everyone who attending the conference this year!!!

From August 10-12, 2018, 50 passionate teen girls from around the DMV will convene for the 5th annual Warrior Princess Leadership Conference.  For 3 days these young female leaders will participate in leadership training, learn from influential speakers, and engage in skills-based workshops. 

Through mentorship through IAWIA Experts, Teen advisory, and corporate executives, IAWIA participants will gain core leadership skills, empowerment, and training in community- based and advocacy.  The Warrior Princess Conference strives to empower, educate and embolden the potential of every girl there. 
I Am Who I Am Corporation (IAWIA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps at-risk teen girls find their TRUE authenticity through Evidence Based Mentoring for girls 11 to age 18 in Washington Metropolitan (MD & VA) area. Each year IAWIA host an interactive teen girl youth Leadership Development conference, called the Warrior Princess Conference (WPC) where our goal and objective is for them to get educated, equipped, and encouraged to be great role models and productive civic leader creating social change. The needs of the girls are to hygiene products, helping them become leaders, building their low self-esteem & self-worth, and empowering & engaging the girls with working toward creating important impacts that address issues facing our community both today and into the future. This request for your support of IAWIA at-risk youth. 

BACKGROUND OF THE PROBLEM - All teen girls engage or experience some form of low self-worth and self-esteem. Bullying can lead to direct and indirect forms of psychological and physical effects on the teenage girls leading to poor performance in school. We researched a group of young girls and found that due to family structure and peer pressure teen girls take their emotions inwardly. Even if both genders engage in acts of bullying, mostly teen girls encompass verbal, mental, and physical abuse on other girls. Teenage girl harassment led to many fatalities. We are trying to help save our girls.  

It should not hurt to be a girl! But the reality is a loss of self-esteem during those critical adolescent years contributes to issues like bullying, eating disorders, drug problems, and chronic depression. And today more than ever before our girls need their self-esteem! The Warrior Princess Conference was created to help girls build positive Self-images, develop a strong sense of self-worth, and lead full, exuberant lives, while giving back to the community. If you’re eager to help a young lady level the playing field and succeed in the game of life, WPC is the resource, support, and inspiration she needs.

CONFERENCE DESCRIPTION AND OUTCOMES - WPC is a place where a teen girl can just be a girl without worrying about the struggles they go through daily. This is our 5th year and this year’s conference theme “Loving me”. The conference is to help their development and help young women understand the awesome power they have; how to effectively use that power to shape themselves and their world; and how to OWN their uniqueness and ROCK their individuality! Through interactive presentations, panel discussions, demonstrations and fun activities, participants will learn meaningful and practical life skills such as problem solving techniques, responsibility, defeating peer pressure; stop the bullying, positive self-expression, and conflict resolution. Our "NO PARENTS ALLOWED" policy lends to a supportive, non-judgmental, and confidential environment for teens to explore issues and voice their concerns. By the end of the conference, each girl will have a toolbox of tips and strategies to: Communicate for positive outcomes; Embrace and celebrate her uniqueness; Recognize and shut down her inner self-critic; Develop a positive sense of self; Defeat peer-pressure; Accept responsibility for her actions; Set and achieve goals; and much, much more!

The planning events committee works hard to come up with a variety of workshops. Other youth comment on the lessons they learned because of living, working, and learning with their peers: “I learned to have respect for others,” “that even if you don’t know anybody you should just be yourself and let what happens happen,” “to not be afraid to stand out,” and “how to put yourself in others’ positions.” The intensity of the three day two-night event provides youth experiences they do not get in their daily lives. The WP Conference helps youth learn how to interact with their peers on a different level than they are normally accustomed to. Many youth comment on the overall experience of the conference in terms of the life skills they learned: “you always learn leadership,” “teamwork and trust,” “how to speak in front of a crowd,” and “how to accept more diversity in my life.” Life skill instruction is a big part of the WP Conference curriculum, and youth prove that they indeed learn valuable life skills by their responses to the evaluation. The WP Conference continues to provide the Warrior Princess teens a chance to interact with other teens from around the state. Whether learning specific skills in a workshop, social skills, or other valuable life skills, attending the WP Conference is a valuable experience for many teen girls.  

HOW WILL THE FUNDS BE USED - All monies will go towards the teen girls. We need books, advertisement materials, supplies, and computer programs. We will help to enhance your corporate image on all advertisement materials, which will help to reach a high caliber of volunteers and donors, many of whom ae leaders in their professions or corporate executives. And the funds will help to create public awareness and excitement through our Social Media paid campaigns.  

I Am Who I Am Corporation's mission is to encourage, equip, and educate all teen girls and young woman with the skills to understand and affirm their true authenticity through innovative programs. On August 10-12, 2018, IAWIA will host the 4th annual Warrior Princess Conference. The event will be held this year at a local hotel, with a projected will reach 50 teen girls. Each year we have seen an increase in attendance. We would gratefully appreciate your support with a donation to support the event and to collaborate with the IAWIA in its continuing work in our community. We highly publicize the conference and we will be happy to recognize your business’s contribution in our promotional materials, in our newsletter, on our website, and through other communications to the public. 

We would like to invite you to support our efforts to help young girls learn responsibility for their own actions, build their self-worth, and make good choices. Our key deadline date is May 31, 2018. Your donation will provide transportation, hygiene products, food, and lodging for teen girls to be able to spend a weekend with successful educated women and men who are dedicated to giving back to the teen girls. They will walk away empowered, able to stand the tests that they face daily, able to make informed life decisions, and to empower their friends to do the same. Your gift is greatly appreciated. 

All fees are non-refundable
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